Day 32

By: Jacqueline Connolly Paton

Apr 25 2011

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Focal Length:6.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera

Though Savannah is known as the “Paris of the South”, the idea of this charming hospitality of a city gives way to the socioeconomic reality outside the gilded architecture.  “For more than 30 years 22% of Savannah residents have lived in poverty,” according to Step Up Savannah,  a  poverty reduction task force  collaboration of local business, government and non-profit organizations.  Their goal is to move families and individuals to move towards self-sufficiency because they believe “Because a healthy economy depends on the participation of our whole community”  Please check them out at

Much smaller than many of the metropolises in the United States, this little city deals with poverty on a scale as large.  Perhaps Savannah does have a history of focusing on the ideal  rather than the real surrounding the historic district, but this organization is focusing on educating all Savannah constituents and simulating what real poverty looks at; confronting this issue head on with the help of all of Savannahians.  Find out more form this previous NPR interview

This was one of the many houses I saw this past week; I was hesitant to chronicle much of this part of Savannah; I do so from an awareness standpoint rather than a voyeuristic art form.  And yet, I realize that this is in fact a photography blog.  But I couldn’t just capture the dreamlike charm of the city I love so much.  I love all of it; the tourism, the attempts to make a better community, the locals, the transplants, the blue bloods, the ghosts of those living and dead who haunt this other world of a place.

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