Day 18/19

By: Jacqueline Connolly Paton

Apr 07 2011

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Worcester Magazine has a pretty impressive staff (yes, you Brittany and Jeremy) and tonight I got to have my I-never-made-it-in-journalism-but-like-to -think-I’m-a-reporter-because-I-spent-less-than-a-year-writing-for-the-Telegram-and-Berkshire-Eagle  fix.

Once a month, the alternative news source in Woo-town hosts “Worcester Magazine on Tap” to talk shop about their latest issue, or, get beers and half off appetizers.  Tonight’s was held at Jose Murphys on Water Street, currently my favorite area in Worcester.

(If you have time, let me regal you in the history of the Blackstone Canal and proposed revitalization that I hope to become involved in).  From our bar stool, the sun was setting and the Broadway Restaurant across the street’s sign came alight.  A taxi was idling on the corner.  I went outside.  I couldn’t have planned a better photo; this is by far my favorite one of the year.  Let’s face it, I wasn’t trying hard at all this past week.

Apologies for no photo yesterday…for all the three people who look at this blog 🙂

One comment on “Day 18/19”

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