Day 15

By: Jacqueline Connolly Paton

Apr 03 2011

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Some of you may be wondering, and yes it is “that” 301.  I went for a walk today to my alma mater, Assumption is pretty much 1/2 mile up a hill.  I didn’t plan to move this close to the school, but they have great walking paths and trails.   If little has changed since I left, the campus would be a ghost town on a Sunday, with most students sleeping in before cramming Sunday night.

Just up Nelson Place, the back of the campus by 6 Men (Authier Hall is the proper name I think) all was quiet.  By Five Men, a few students were unloading laundry baskets from their cars, washed at mom and dads over the weekend.  As I got closer to the Plourde Center and Laska Gym, it became obvious that this was a giant tour weekend.  Whether it was “Welcome Accepted Student” Day or a huge “Open House” event, my quiet walk soon turned into avoiding high school seniors and juniors.  I did get a free bottle of water and diet coke out of the visit though.

Then I thought it’d be fun to jump in on a tour in progress as it was heading up to the Living/Learning Center (L/LC).  If you can avoid ’em,  join ’em.  Once inside, I broke from the group and walked up to the third floor.

In 2001, Lea, Rachel, Amy and I applied to live in this state of the art apartment complex on campus.  To do so, you needed to come  up with a community project, and if accepted, you’d received apartment living as a Sophomore.  Our film club project was chosen (why, I don’t know). And we gave up community shower stalls, bathrooms, and Taylor Dining Hall for our own kitchen, double vanity bathroom, living room and spacious bedrooms.  Apartment 301:  Home Sweet Home

301 was not just an apartment.  We had cocktail parties for the under 21 crowd: black tie of course.   We sat silently around the TV on September 11, watching in disbelief the events of the day.  We blasted “We are the Champions” from our stereo’s speakers out the window after the Patriot’s won their first Super Bowl.  I fell for a series of guys who I naively thought were “the one”.  I had my  heartbroken multiple times, sometimes by the same guy.  I had my first Christmas Tree in additional to the one on 32 Bernard Ave.  I got the phone call that I had been accepted as an intern at the Berkshire Eagle Newspaper.  I had turned 20.

My, where does the time go?

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